Saturday, May 10, 2008

Things to Do Before I Die...

What do you want to do before you die?

I'm part of a blogroll where this is the week's subject, based on a girl's lifelist left unfinished when she perished in a car accident.

I spent about ten minutes trying to think of some noble and exciting things I want to do, and places I want to see... Spots to park my feet and stand with my chin outthrust in American defience of death...

Aw, screw it.

It's not gonna happen.

Why? My honest, serious answer?

Because I'm not waiting.

I've already done most of any list I might make, and I'm damned lucky not to have died in the freaking process. Noble my tuchas.

Let's see...


Australian rappelled down the majestic cliffs of the Red River Gorge, and vomited in terror at the bottom.

Gone cave diving in Kentucky, and concussed myself on a stalagtite

Tried parasailing in the Bahamas and discovered I'm afraid of both heights and falls.

Waterskied down the Mississippi, and gotten a turbo wedgie.

Stood on the edge of a majestic mountain peak in Canada, and realized both that I had to pee and that there were no trees in sight.

Swum in the glorious Gulf of Mexico, and made friends with the jellyfish in my drawers.

Eaten the glorious native foods of exotic foreign lands, and been treated for food poisoning and dehydration in places where no one spoke English, French, Hebrew, or obscene gesture.

I've taught children and adults, and I've packed gunshot wounds. I've helped to bring a child into the world, and I've cleaned a body after death. I've written a book and I've eaten a snake. I've hunted and fished, and I've learned how to prepare what I killed. I've made clothing out of buckskin, and I've sewed silk prom dresses. I've been in a fistfight, and I've stepped between two people before anyone got hurt.

I have left partners and I have been left. Fallen in love and been loved in return. Roasted meat over fires, and prepared 5 star dinners. Ridden a skateboard and tried bodysurfing.

I've gone rollerskating and tried Minnesota ice fishing. Ridden some coasters and avoided hang gliding. I've cross-stiched some samplers, and built a big dollhouse.

I've married for love, and I've married without it. I've ridden a Harley and driven a Hummer. I've been in a limo, and on a small airplane.

I've danced and I've sung, even if people were watching. I play the guitar, dulcimer, and bowed psaltry.

I got a tattoo and I've shaved my head (once). I've marched for a cause and I've spoken in Washington.

I've seen friends die too soon, and I've helped others live.

I've seen men off to war, and thanked G-d they came home.

I buried my sister, and I met my birth Mom.

If I died today, right now, it would be without regret at things undone. No moments wasted, or years spent wishing that the time was right. No list left to do.

I have lived, and loved, and fought, and played, every day of my life. And when it comes time to lay it down, it will be with sadness that I could not have one more day, but also with joy. A tired kid coming home to bed at the end of a long day. And I will be able to say honestly, "Wasn't it all marvelous!"

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Grinningcomb said...

That, was an amazing answer. Thank you for sharing and for making me a little bit jealous.