Sunday, April 4, 2010

I have lost my flipping mind.

Along with Moisha, whose real name is Hebrew for "Does that look crooked to you?", I bought a house.

Of course, it's not just any house.

It's a 130 year old farmhouse, in a town where if ya see four Jews it's me and Moish and a big big mirror.

My friends are a bit divided on this move.

Some think we're nuts, others lean toward dumb and nuts. A few real rebels are going for "insane"... and dumb.

One of my dearest friends actually wrote a small skit detailing her worries about the move- she took the part of "Best Friend Wearing Body Armor and Microbraids." In a moving scene BFWBAAM attempts to get directions to my new home from a local gentleman. As I recall the dialogue was as follows:

"Excuse me Mister, can you tell me where them Jews went?"

"Yeah, sure Missy. First you take three lefts and then a zig zag at the place where the farm used to be. No, wait. It's easier if you turn right where that cow got hit, then... Aw, forget it. Just grab a'holt of this white robe and follow me- when you see the burning cross you found it."

I told her to shut up and bring marshmallows.

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